Thank you access our website. Important notice: We do not distribute products or medical devices outside of Canada.

Policies of payment methods

A 30% deposit will be required for any order of $1000 or more, special orders or purchase of specialized equipment.

Atlas Medic strives to simplify the payment process. Here are the options available to you:

AccessAccepted methodsInstructions
Web store Visa
American Express
Complete the required information
Headquarters Visa
American Express
Banking service of bill payment Laurentian Bank
National Bank of Canada
Scotia Bank
TD Bank
RBC Royal Bank
Access your bank internet web site and pay your Atlas Medic bills with a single click!

To do so:
• Search for Atlas Medic among the providers (such as Videotron, Hydro-Québec and more. Search for « Other Supplier » category if needed).
• Enter the following invoice or client number:
I-XXXXX (letter "I" for an invoice payment)
O-XXXXX (letter "O" for an advance payment)
If the number is too short, add "x" as needed at the end of the number (e.g. I-1143758X).
• Proceed to payment as a regular payment. 
By phone Visa
American Express
A payment by phone is also possible with credit card, up to a maximum purchase price of $ 10,000.
Electronic data interchange (EDI) and Wire transfert HSBC

Institution number: 016
Transit number: 10171
Account number: 120590001 
• Proceed to payment as a regular payment.
• Send payment confirmation to:
Leasing MediCapital Please contact us or MediCapital to determine if your projects is eligible for leasing, with a purchase of $3000 or more.