Zebris Medical GmbH is an innovative company that has been successful for more tahn 25 years in the development and production of 3D motion analysis and force measurement technologies for biomechanics. Whether dental, medical or sports – the company develops and manufactures measuring systems for the analysis of human motion sequences in three business segments at their site in Isny im Allgäu, Germany. Their systems are marketed worldwide via distributors in more than 35 countries and find application in orthopedic, geriatric and neurologic rehabilitation as well as in dental practices and laboratories, clinics, scientific institutions and retail trade for orthopedic and medical products.  
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Zebris FDM-T Gait and Balance Analysis System

The gait analysis on a treadmill allows for the observation of the human gait at different running speeds with a high number of step repetitions. Depending on the application you can assess several gait cycles at constant or changing walking speed using the treadmill analysis center FDM-T. At the same time, it covers all further applications all around the analysis of gait behavior – from stance over roll-off to gait analysis


For the analysis of posture, stability, balance or walking. Useful in Podiatry (manufacture of foot orthoses), physiotherapy, sports medicine, physical preparation or for walking rehabilitation.


  • Provides a simple, fast and accurate analysis of equilibrium and walking by analyzing the distribution of plantar pressures.
  • Allows analysis of the distribution of forces under each foot during standing or walking. The analysis software calculates the displacements of the pressure center as well as the spatio-temporal parameters of the step.
  • Available in several dimensions and resolutions. 112x49cm with 5000 or 7100 sensors, 132x59cm with 4500 or 10000 sensors, 120 or 300 Hz
  • The system is connected directly to a PC via a USB interface and does not require any additional electronics.

Quality control

The Zebris measuring systems are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO13485.

Benefits of Zebris FDM-T at a glance:

  • Suitable for stance analysis, roll-off analysis and gait analysis
  • Robust pressure measurement technology
  • Gait analysis is possible with or without shoes
  • Capacitive, individually calibrated sensors
  • Different resolutions and measuring speeds, depending on the number of sensors
  • Intuitive modular software suite FDM with sound evaluation report
  • Can be combined with SyngLightCam for a synchronous video recording and EMG

Produits Zebris offerts:

  • Zebris FDM Analysis Plates with Force Sensors
  • Treadmill Zebris for walking analysis FDM-TLR3-3i
  • Trépied multifonctionnel pour caméra et système de lumières (avec ou sans roulettes)
  • Software for standing load analysis and software extension
  • Cameras with SyncCam USB cable without tripod
  • Expansion Modules

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