TOGU was founded in 1956 by two brothers: Toni Obermaier and Gust Obermaier Gust Obermaier had a vision He wanted to produce a one-piece ball. No seam lines or glue should be necessary. Today this family run business has grown to provide a secure job to more than 100 people. The complete production is located in Germany on a site of approximately 16 000 m2. All equipment for manufacturing and printing is design in-house and constructed on site. Typical for TOGU is the extraordinary will to put good ideas into effect and to produce goods of exceptional quality. Today’s owners Toni and Guido Obermaier (both sons of the founders) have decided to keep the production at their home base. No matter how big the hype about emerging economies might have been in recent years. TOGU will not transfer production just for low labor costs.
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Making a difference – setting new standards. Staying in touch with experts and watching the market carefully.

TOGU is devoted to innovation, inventions and manufacturing. This might explain why TOGU is one of the leading manufacturers of air filled products made of PVC by rotation molding. Production is according to the strictest environment protection laws. Long lasting products save resources, energy and therefore reduce environmental pollution.

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TOGU own 12 patents and 100 trade marks!

Some examples of key products made in Germany by TOGU:
  • Balanza™
  • Balanza™ Freeride
  • Balanza™ Ballstep
  • Dynair™ walker
  • Jumper™
  • Dynair™
  • Pendel™ Ball
  • Senso™ Walking
  • Powerball™
TOGU resistance exercise systems are used as tools for rehabilitating and restoring muscle and joint functions and for improving conditioning, balance and building strength. TOGU product lines include: balance trainer, ball cushion, fitness balls, hand trainer, massage tools and rolls.

All TOGU products

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