Strapit level 1 and 2: Comprehensive Taping Technique (Essentials and Advanced)


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Tuesday and Wednesday, Sepembre 17 and 18, 2019


Bureau Atlas Médic
80, rue de Sydney, St-Augustin-de-Desmaures (Québec)
St-Augustin-de-Desmaures (Free parking)


8 h 30 – 4 h 30 pm
lunch included

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$400$ + taxes (register by Aug 31st)
$ 505 + taxes (from Sept 1st to 8th)

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Paul Haas

Paul Haas


SEPT 17 (level 1) Course description 

Strapit/Gripit Essentials Taping Level 1 covers the basic skills necessary to carry out suitable taping for injury prevention and injury management. In a lab-based format participants will undergo a hand-on instruction on the use of the 3 key taping modalities athletic taping, kinesiology taping and activetaping methods for various pathologies. The participants will rationalize appropriate taping selection to address various injuries or potential injuries while understanding the contraindications and justifications to taping.


  • State at least one contraindication for each type of tape: kinesiology, athletic, and active
  • Demonstrate a combined taping approach, using athletic and kinesiology tape, to include in the treatment program of clinically indicated talocrural/subtalar pathology
  • List three different types of tape used for therapeuti intervention: Athletic, Kinesiology, Active
  • List 1 precaution for each type of the following tapes kinesiology, athletic, active
  • Correctly demonstrate the application of kinesiology tape AND active tape as a combined therapeutic intervention to a clinically indicated lordotic postural deviation.
  • Demonstrate one appropriate kinesiology taping approach to a clinically indicated edematous distal lower extremity, specifically a high ankle sprain, with the goal of decreasing edema to the affected area

SEPT 18 (level 2) Course description 

Srapit/Gripit Essentials Taping Level 2 provides more in depth knowledge of the taping interventions for targeted and complex injury scenarios/pathologies. In a lab-based format the participants will undergo a hands-on instruction on the use of the 3 key taping modalities – athletic taping, kinesiology taping and activetaping methods. The Level 2 course involves advanced technical applications of tape and ability to problem solve. Participants will assess correct taping for various pathological/injury profiles: eg: carpal tunnel, scapular protraction, high ankle sprain.

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Québec, 17 September 2019

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