A very important factor in physical fitness training is allowing patients to train at their own pace, at a level they're comfortable with. That’s exactly what Staby helps you do. Staby is a highly versatile training accessory. Because it can be modified in a number of ways for optimal adaptation to the training objectives, this device can be used by patients at varying levels. It’s a patented adaptive concept that offers unrivalled possibilities in physical fitness training.
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Staby | High-tech products

Staby products are manufactured in Germany, from color-fast, latex- and odor-free materials that do not irritate the skin. Staby is a patented training accessory made from laminated fiberglass. This material, initially developed for use in space, has been modified and adapted for sports, therapeutic and recreational applications.


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Improved posture and stability

Staby oscillations generate vibrations that create an exceptional effect on the body – especially the torso. This type of training feels just as great as it is effective.

When training with Staby, the oscillations in the pole radiate from the user’s hands and arms to the body itself. The shoulders and pelvis should remain unaffected. Whatever your training stance – lying down, seated, standing or walking – Staby lets you work various muscle groups. Training with Staby is beneficial for the entire body when done regularly – all you need is 15 minutes daily.

Regular training with Staby helps:

  • stimulate muscle groups. 
  • improve posture.
  • improve coordination. 
  • improve tactile sensation.
  • heighten concentration abilities.
  • stimulate the metabolism and the cardiovascular system.
  • eliminate muscular imbalance and deficits. 
  • firm up the abdomen, legs and buttocks. 

Training with Staby is not advisable in the following cases:

  • inflammation or irritation in the arms, shoulders or spinal column.
  • sensory radiation (symptoms of paralysis in arms and legs).
  • pregnancy.
Hypertensive patients or those with cardiovascular problems or diabetes should consult a physician before they start training with Staby.

Basic principles of Staby training:

  • Concentric movements
  • Straightening of body
  • Constant, regular breathing
  • Increased frequency

Possible applications | Rehabilitation 

  • Sub-acromial impingement syndrome
  • Rotator cuff rupture 
  • Shoulder instability
  • Shoulder osteoarthritis
  • Muscular imbalance 

Possible applications | Sports

  • Concentric movements
  • Straightening of body
  • Coordinated movements 
  • Constant, regular breathing

Staby Professional | For the best possible training

It’s a well-known fact: Physical fitness training is successful when the accessory deployed is properly adapted to the user. While training is less effective if too easy, an overly demanding routine is difficult to perform and exposes the patient to the risk of injury or other problems.

Staby Professional is the ideal means of ensuring maximum benefit from your session – whether you prefer moderate or high-intensity training. And you can also lend it to your relatives and friends. 

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