Simi is a German company founded in 1992 specialized in the analysis of movement and behavior. The company offers 2D and 3D systems, with and without markers. Simi's philosophy is to make motion-based motion analysis simple and transparent. The markets Simi serves are data capture and analysis of movement analysis for medicine, sport, industry and entertainment.
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2D and 3D motion analysis

Simi Motion provides an extensive platform for motion capture and 2D/3D movement analysis. Simi Motion can be tailored to the needs of the specific user. A range of configurations are possible to suit customers who would prefer to conduct quick and simple analyses as well as for those of a more scientific background, wishing to solve complex problems.

Technology in image processing

In comparison to the majority of products available on the market, Simi Motion uses no infrared technology but utilizes image based techniques. High quality video recordings with high frame rates and high resolutions are captured and saved using synchronized industrial cameras. Using the latest algorithms of image processing, Simi Motion can capture motion in detail and calculate 2D/3D data. 

Simi products' special features:

SIMI Aktisys is a system for analyzing movements from video streams. Simple to use with LED markers placed in one click on the subject, Aktisys allows:

  • Measurements of rotation and / or angle measurements
  • Visualization and real-time tracking of movements
  • Export of acquired data in PDF or Excel format (.XLS)
  • Two-dimensional or three-dimensional analysis

Applications in MEDECINE:

  • Clinical Gait Analysis: Diagnostics and therapy for orthopaedic, neurological and neuromuscular dysfunctions
  • Scientific Gait Analysis: Scientific and complex analysis of human gait
  • Running Analysis: Treadmill analysis for rehabilitation or prevention of injury, frontal or sagittal view
  • Spine Analysis: Dynamic spine analysis and evaluation of posture
  • Back to Sports Screening: Rehabilitation and injury prevention in sport
  • Biofeedback: Learning of movement sequences in a quicker and more efficient way
  • Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary movement analysis of animals is getting popular
  • Preclinical Research: Kinematic systems for animals in preclinical research


Applications in SPORTS:

  • Sports Biomechanics: More success through better movement mechanics
  • Athlete Screening: Better performance and less injury
  • Bike Analysis: Find the optimal bike fit and perfect positioning on the bike for an ideal movement technique
  • Swimming Analysis: Analyzing and optimizing of swimming technique, also through underwater recordings
  • Match- and Tactical Analysis: Analyze causal relationships, game tactics or performance of your team or opponent
  • Jump Analysis: Performance diagnostics and biomechanical analysis of jumping
  • Running Analysis: Efficient but healthy running
  • Back to Sports Screening: Rehabilitation and prevention of sport injuries
  • Video Analysis: Video supported analysis of movement and technique in sport
  • Video Feedback: Improved motor learning through video feedback in training and sports lessons

Simi products available:

  • SIMI MotionTwin
  • SIMI Move App 
  • SIMI Aktisys 2D

The Simi Shape software, meanwhile, allows a full-body capture and an analysis without any marker, the capture of the movement being based on the silhouette. The ability to work without markers offers several advantages including saving time and reducing potential errors due to poor positioning. With SIMI Shape you can benefit from all SIMI Motion's advantages in terms of collection (Synchronization of high-speed videos from multiple cameras, kinematics, force or pressure plate, EMG etc ...), Management and analysis of data. A hybrid solution using captures with and without markers can also be considered to have more accuracy on some axes of rotation or to validate results.

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