Professional support

Professional support

Available to all Atlas Medic clients, it means you can personally contact an advisor who is available to answer your questions and discuss any ideas you have. Call on us when preparing your business plan or if you anticipate expanding or reorganizing your clinic.

This professional support is designed for either your personal development or your organization’s success. Here are some of the topics you can discuss with your advisor:

  • The benefits of each piece of equipment in your clinic.
  • Succeeding in business.
  • New technology.
  • Acquisition priorities for your organization.
  • Assessment of the benefits of lease financing.

This professional support is offered at no charge.

Consultancy services

Health care is evolving at an unheard-of pace. New technologies and medical devices are proliferating and, at the same time, becoming increasingly complex. Atlas Medic has developed a wide range of value-added consultancy services designed to meet the expectations of the various stakeholders to whom your business is accountable. Our targeted skills in the areas of applied training, technical support, cost estimates, calibration and financing position us to provide a range of unique services!

Our consultancy services are fee-based. Find out more.


Are you interested in one of our services? Feel free to contact us directly or to make an appointment.

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Atlas Medic can organize training in your region or within your organization.


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