Professional discount

Companies (B2B)

Atlas Medic is well-versed in inter-company relations (B2B). We have a team dedicated to corporate accounts, providing you with expert advice, competitive prices as well as rapid order-processing and delivery.

Educational institutions

Our consultants are authorized to meet any request from educational institutions. We are sensitive to faculty requests as well as the special needs of students. Feel free to call upon our consultants; they know how to find solutions to all your specific needs. We have a keen eye for detail!


Our government accounts management team has been specially trained to meet the unique procurement needs of local, provincial and federal governments. What’s more, our experts offer competitive prices and fast, efficient response times. We are capable of bidding for government tenders. With more than 10,000 products, we have an endless variety of creative products and services!

With over 10,000 products, offers are creative and limitless!

Discount for healthcare professionals

Atlas Medic proudly supports all healthcare professionals – which is why we offer them a minimum 10% discount. To benefit from this, you need to open an account (fill out the appropriate form) and adhere to our payment terms.

Opening an account

If you have a specific request or any questions about opening an account with us, we invite you to visit the section on opening an account or email us at

Opening an account