Professional Training Solutions for Customer satisfaction and long term relationships Proxomed Medizintechnik GmbH develops and manufactures advanced exercise equipment and training concepts for both medical and fitness markets. Based on 20 years of experience in the medical field our team has created unique training software allowing tailored training programs for your customers. Throughout Europe and Asia Proxomed has established an excellent reputation within the medical field.
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Innovation, quality and product durability are essential concerns for your success. At Proxomed we pay attention to every detail and deliver the reliability you demand. The latest technical solutions for excellent biomechanical adaptation are integrated into every equipment. The design appeals to beginners as well as to long time training veterans.


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The MTT Line (Medical Training Therapy)

No compromises were made when designing and manufacturing the compass cable columns and trainings benches. High quality components ensure exceptional quiet performance and safe environment during the training. Durability and low maintenance let you get the most out of the equipment.

Proxomed | Health keeps you moving

Exercise heals and keeps you healthy. This is common knowledge today. In the changing health care market, movement training such as Medical Training Therapy (MTT) plays a special role. Proxomed provides you with functional, well-engineered devices to support you in offering patients and payor a high-quality therapeutic training program.

Proxomed | Tailored to your individual needs

From therapeutic training to healthy sports activities: in a physiotherapy practice with appropriate MTT equipment, patients with a wide variety of requirements can carry out their training. Training programs that are carefully adapted to the anatomical requirements and physical condition of the individual patients are crucial to success.

Proxomed | Efficient and affordable for every practice

Whether training benches or cable pull machines, all Proxomed devices facilitate customized training. We support you in offering your patients all phases of individually tailored strength training from early treatment to restore function to a full workout. We thereby rely on a coherent overall concept that offers efficient, economical solutions for practices of every size and meets payors' requirements with documentable success and reproducible results.

compass® | Pulleys

compass® Easy Compact (stand-alone model) | Features
  • Cable pull model with single deflection
  • Two cable exits
  • Two handles
  • Protective paneling
compass® Speedy Compact (wall model) | Features
  • Pulleys with triple deflection
  • Two cable exits with two handles at the same height
  • Cable pull extension
  • Protective paneling
Each and every customer is unique, and so are the facilities. Our knowledgeable staff will discuss with you every aspect of the project. This goes from designing a facility concept, to choosing the necessary equipment, combining it all with the fitness training program to what marketing approach you can take.


All Proxomed products

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