Össur, which was founded in 1971, has acquired a breadth of expertise in developing, manufacturing and selling non-invasive orthopedics. The company was named after Össur Kristinsson, a prosthetics specialist from Iceland who, in the early 1970s, focussed his energies on designing a better interface for prosthetic sockets. He very quickly discovered the ideal properties of silicone, which he leveraged to create the Iceross® sleeve. Shortly thereafter, thousands of amputees worldwide were able to attach their prostheses much more efficiently and with greater comfort than ever before, with the help of Össur Kristinsson’s invention.
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The most hi-tech and best performing materials: carbon, silicone, fabric.

Össur’s enthusiastic commitment to innovation and state-of-the-art technologies has helped instill new confidence in millions of people with reduced mobility. 

Össur products, which range from bracing and supports that improve stability and relieve pain to the most recent advances in prosthetic limbs – the closest possible match to natural movement – represent the latest and the best in orthopedics design.


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Substantial expertise

The company owes much of its ongoing success to the expertise it has acquired in six core competencies and to its knowledge, which is increasingly transferred and applied to superb effect in all areas of product development.

For support you can count on, choose Össur bracing and support.

These devices are intended to control certain parts of the body. When attached to a particular limb, they correct function. Also known for their effectiveness in stabilizing fractures, facilitating movement, or protecting and correcting alignment in certain parts of the body, bracing and support are used essentially for:

  • Application or controlled modification of force to protect a part of the body.
  • Movement restriction or modification to anticipate or protect a deformity.
  • Compensation for a weakness or deformity.

The Össur line of bracing and supports is intended to provide physiotherapists and sports physicians with the best solutions for their patients.

Today, ÖSSUR bracing and supports are created using winning technologies that have garnered multiple awards, coupled with expert designs and an understanding of biomechanics.

Here are some examples of Össur bracing and supports:

  • Knee braces
  • Post-operative bracing and supports
  • Ankle braces


All Össur products

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