Modern Pre-Operative Management for Hip Osteoarthritis and other Hip Intra-Articular Pathologies in the Young and Active Individual


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Thursday and Friday, Octobre 17-18, 2019


Universel Hotel
5000 Sherbrooke East
Montreal (Quebec) Canada
(Free parking)


8h30 to 4h30pm
Lunch included

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Dr. Tony Rocklin

Dr. Tony Rocklin



  • Faites vous partie de ces professionnels de la santé qui traitent diverses pathologies en lien avec la hanche ? 
  • Désirez-vous améliorer votre traitement conservateur de cette articulation? 
  • Vos patients sont sur une liste d’attente chirurgicale et souffrent en silence? Vous serez maintenant en mesure de leur offrir un programme de physiothérapie “clé en main” moderne qui répondra à leurs besoins spécifiques.
  • Vous avez réalisé que les connaissances cliniques et scientifiques en ce qui concerne la hanche sont en retard par rapport à d’autres articulations telles que l’épaule et le genou...Ce cours s’adresse à vous



Historically, the model of treatment for hip OA and other intra-articular pathologies has been exercise, losing weight, using a cane, taking NSAIDS and opioids and waiting for it to get severe enough to warrant THA.  It is in the best interest of the patient, and the healthcare system overall, to postpone THA as long as possible while not losing functionality and quality of life.  THAs will last approximately 25-30 years with today’s technology and surgical techniques.  In addition, many younger individuals just over 40 years old with FAIS and labral tears are unable to obtain hip arthroscopy due to their age and mild to moderate level of age-related OA.  In effect, they are “too old” for arthroscopic surgery, but “too young” for arthroplasty.  Physical therapists are poised to be the leader in the conservative management of hip OA and to assist individuals in staying active until surgery is warranted and desired.

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This course will have a specific focus on

  • The vast and important differences in how education and expectations for these patients must be delivered as compared to other pathologies.
  • Specific evaluation of hip intra-articular pathologies
  • Clinic joint and soft tissue mobilization techniques
  • Home joint and soft tissue mobilization techniques and
  • Progressive exercises for mobility, strength and function in the young and active individual with hip intra-articular pathology. 

This class is 80% lab and 20% lecture. 

You will leave class ready to apply many important principles and techniques the following day in clinic

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Course given in Engligh only


Montréal, 17 October 2019

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