For over 25 years, Canadian dental professionals have resorted to MediCapital, as an independent broker, for their financing needs. Recently, we have expanded our service offerings to include all of the medical professions beyond dentistry. These new partners can now benefit from a wide array of financial products suited to their needs, while obtaining the same quality service that built our reputation throughout those years.
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Specializing in practice financing

To learn more about how MediCapital can help you achieve your goals, contact us today for friendly, professional, and knowledgeable service information. Rest assured that our financing plans will be custom-made for your products.

Our successful dealings with healthcare professionals are built upon a rock-hard reputation with equipment suppliers. Either through a casual business association or through a well-targeted marketing campaign on one or more of your products, MediCapital can help you increase your sales. Whether you want to reinforce your position or to make a noticeable breakthrough in a given market, we have the right plan for you.

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Since its inception, MediCapital has earned a nationwide reputation for providing outstanding services as well as individually tailored financing programs for healthcare professionals, such as dentists, veterinarians, physicians and general practitioners. With our thorough knowledge of the healthcare industry, we can help you work your way to success. Whether you want to reinforce your position or to make a noticeable breakthrough in a given market, we have the right plan for you.

We offer financial services in the following areas:

  • Leasing on purchasing of equipment
  • Loans for practice or goodwill acquisitions
  • Practice start-ups
  • Addition of equipment or expansion of an existing practice
  • Leasehold improvements
We constantly keep in touch with our customers, thus knowing both their needs and their financial obligations. We often counsel those healthcare professionals and we can often direct them to the appropriate product for their practice, probably yours! Furthermore, since we are brokers and deal with various financial institutions, we can easily offer tailor-made solutions to our customers that will take care of their best interests in the first place.

With MediCapital, our customers benefits from:

  • Fixed rate
  • Up to 100% financing for practice acquisitions and practice real estate
  • No hidden fees/costs  
  • Rates and terms that will not change after commitment


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