Matrix Fitness is a subsidiary of Johnson Health Tech, based in the USA. JHT has been producing premium fitness equipment since 1975 and is the fastest-growing manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world. Matrix Fitness has established itself as one the world’s premier commercial fitness brands.
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Innovation That Never Rests

Designers and engineers can hand off questions to counterparts across the ocean before they head home for the day, and find their answer waiting for them when they return the next morning. It’s a fluid innovation model that never slows or ceases.


Johnson Health Tech has earned both ISO 9002 and 9001 certifications for exceptional quality-management practices. 


    Matrix meets the most diverse range of needs and supports customers in every phase of their fitness progression, with innovative, user-friendly and functional products.

    Value Through Vertical Integration

    The company owns factories and control manufacturing all the way from raw materials to finished products. This lets it realize greater value at each stage of production and pass those advantages along to customers.

    Produits Matrix offerts:

    • Treadmills
    • Stationary bikes
    • Rower
    • Elliptical
    • Exerciser Johnny G Krankcycle
    • Leg Extension Equipment

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