Lloyd Table Company, located in Lisbon, Iowa, is one of the largest manufacturers of Chiropractic adjusting tables in the world. Lloyd A. Steffensmeier, Doctor of Chiropractic, and our Founder, began manufacturing chiropractic adjusting tables in 1963 from the basement of his Mt. Vernon practice and the company has steadily grown to encompass an approximately 50,000 square foot facility.
 Chiropractors throughout the world have discovered that Lloyd adjusting tables provide unparalleled patient comfort. Choose from the widest selection you'll find from any single source. Lloyd adjusting tables are built to perform day after day...year after year.
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An incomparable product offering on the market

Lloyd Table Company’s quality design allows for stability, comfort, and overall appealing look, making it the leader in the chiropractic industry and an incomparable product offering on the market.

All of our Lloyd tables

Since Dr. Steffensmeier first manufactured the portable table, he has advanced and improved the design of chiropractic equipment. Lloyd Table Company was the first to incorporate the use of space age technology to chiropractic tables (explaining the use of a spatial logo). For over forty years, Dr. Steffensmeier has been providing the industry with innovative table designs… a Chiropractor always seeking a better table. His table designs have made the chiropractic adjustment easier, more efficient and faster with less fatigue, while providing unprecedented patient comfort.

Lloyd engineers have incorporated 100% solid-state electronics to it's Galaxy series of tables and presently offer a choice of over 100,000 table variations that incorporate virtually every conceivable combination of features and options.

It's Galaxy series of luxury hydraulic adjusting tables includes a Hylo, an Elevation, a Hylo-Elevation and a non-hydraulic Stationary, plus four models of McManis (Flexion/Distraction) tables. Each table is assembled with durable two-piece steel frame and finished with baked urethane powder coating or chrome plating. The frames are mounted with an assortment of manual and hydraulic (not air controlled - no need for an auxiliary compressor) drop head, drop chest, drop lumbar and pelvic sections.

The 400 Series and the Astro Adjusting tables are economically priced, quality-built tables that provide Lloyd dependability and operator ease.

Fine details and upholstery and long lasting quality-cushioned comfort ability have long been attributed to products of Lloyd Table Company. Lloyd Table Company uses Nauga-Plus (not naugahyde) vinyl, which is highly resistant to cracking from acid oils.


This flexion distraction hylo is available in 22" to 28" heights. It smoothly tilts and lowers hydraulically at infinitely adjustable speeds.

Portable Adjusting Tables

Lloyd Portable Tables are built with industrial strength aluminum, with positive lock systems, T-Nut fastener system, and 5-ply wood.

Benches, Specialty Tables & Chairs

A bench specially designed for pelvic adjustments. The 201-ABP is also ideal for examination or therapy.

Lloyd products available:

  • Galaxy Ultimate
  • Galaxy 900HS
  • 402 Flexion Elevation
  • Galaxy 908HS
  • Galaxy Hylo
  • 402 Elevation
  • Nicholas Side Posture Table
  • Galaxy McManis Hylo
  • Activator Hylo
  • Cosmic III
  • 401 Drop Bench
  • Portable tables
  • C108 portable drop table


All of our Lloyd tables

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