HEINE Optotechnik was founded in 1946 by Helmut A. Heine, an impassioned physicist and scientist. His vision was clear right from the start: He sought to develop the best diagnostic instruments on the market – reliable, long-lasting products that would also afford the physician new, vastly improved diagnostic capabilities. For this reason, HEINE Optotechnik set out from the beginning to forge close partnerships with physicians and universities. Helmut A. Heine always ensured, however, that production remained an integral function within the company. This philosophy, the basis of our success over the past 65 years, endures to this day.
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Unique materials, ultra-modern production processes and innovative design

Every HEINE product is a global market leader in precision, ergonomic design, and durability, and in compliance with the most important international standards (ISO).


All Heine products

Quality control 

Defining one's own production tolerances is always preferable to accommodating those of sub-contractors. We therefore develop and manufacture tools and forms, all of the molds used in injection molding, as well as the essentials for manufacturing, in our own Tool & Die Department. 

One inspection is good – 74, even better!

Precision has to be more than a one-off achievement, hence the key role of continuously high quality standards during the manufacturing process. This ensures high precision not just once, but a thousand times… so we are able to manufacture products that meet the most stringent requirements – both ours and our clients’.

An example of this is the BETA 200S ophthalmoscope. A closer examination of the manufacturing process involved reveals that no fewer than 74 quality control checks and inspections are performed before the final product is ready. Some find this too costly, but we simply refer to it as HEINE quality.

When it comes to quality, there’s no such thing as being too precise

A guarantee of absolute precision is the underlying essential condition for creating a high quality product. This principle applies to HEINE’s entire production line. Our lenses, for example, are manufactured using numerically controlled machines that rank among the most up-to-date. Many of our lenses are made with ±0.0001 mm accuracy – one twentieth (1/20th) the diameter of a human hair. 

Some unique features of Heine products

  • Color rendition
  • Brightness
  • Consistency
  • Heat management
  • Longevity
  • Efficiency
  • Performance indicator
  • Gradual brightness reduction function

The Heine product line:

  • Dermatoscopes
  • Ophthalmoscopes
  • Otoscopes
  • Stethoscopes
  • Tensiometers


All Heine products

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