Gymna, "your physio company". This slogan means that we aspire to be more than just the supplier of renowned Gymna products. Our company manufactures innovative, high-quality products for use in the fields of health and well-being. Gymna offers a full line of devices for medical applications (physiotherapy and rehabilitation) and patients’ well-being. These products are recognized for their comfort, functionality, durability and quality. Marketed under the best-known brand names, they have enjoyed an excellent reputation in the physiotherapy market for more than 30 years, and are now distributed in over 70 countries.
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The perfect blend of functionality and design

Gymna offers effective, well thought out products that were designed to support you in your day-to-day work and ensure optimal comfort for your patients.


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Electrotherapy | Gymna 200 Series

Gymna – the brand that inspires the physiotherapist’s confidence. After all, our devices are designed to yield the best possible results and they evolve with your treatment sessions. Your patients will see the difference immediately. The Gymna brand has become a benchmark in physiotherapy. Each device is a stylish blend of functionality and design, adapting perfectly to various treatment modalities. Gymna helps enhance the professionalism of your practice. The devices are both functional and very well-thought-out. One key benefit is their ease of use. Our designers create ergonomic devices based on your requirements, and nothing gets past them! Gymna means quality, right down to the smallest details. For example, the extremely bright backlit screen is visible to both physiotherapist and patient so they can see the detailed information displayed during the treatment. Your patients can see and feel the difference… and because they trust you, they can relax during the treatment session – a major factor in its success. 
These devices are portable and very easy to use, with a large backlit screen and two channels for simultaneous application of two types of electrotherapy currents. The main functions are pushbutton controlled. Twenty-one types of electrotherapy current, ultrasound, combined, and simultaneous treatments. Series 200 devices come with one set of standard accessories as well as a few extras. You also receive a user guide and photos showing where to place electrodes or ultrasound heads.
You can also use a Series 200 device to perform results based work, since your therapeutic objectives are the starting point of each treatment. 

Treatment tables | Gymna

Gymna – a brand you can trust. Gymna treatment tables are now the industry standard. Whatever the purpose – be it physiotherapy, special treatments or general use – Gymna has the table you need. For more than 30 years, we have been making treatment tables that are designed to give you optimal results. They adapt perfectly to your treatment techniques and your clinic’s set-up. Each type of table is a perfect example of functionality and modern design. Another benefit is ease of use. These tables, designed for intensive day-to-day use, are highly ergonomic. Their sturdy construction and unique profile mean that Gymna treatment tables offer optimal stability. Your patients will see the difference with the very first treatment. The table is extremely stable, which, coupled with its comfortable cushioning, encourages them to relax during the session and place their trust in the treatment you have chosen for them. And since Gymna means quality right down to the smallest details, your table should give you years of problem-free performance. Gymna treatment tables – an asset for any clinic. 


All Gymna products

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