Of the company’s 1350 employees, 40% are based outside of Europe. Esaote’s R&D organization comprises close to 270 qualified technicians (over 20% of the worldwide workforce) who work closely with universities and third-party research laboratories. The company’s main area of activity, the production and sale of ultrasound diagnostic systems, accounted for 56% of its consolidated sales volume worldwide in 2010. Esaote is one of the six (6) biggest players globally in the field of ultrasound imaging.
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Your arsenal of tools for MSK diagnosis

MyLab portable ultrasound systems, developed and manufactured in Italy by Esaote, are high-tech diagnostic devices used for a variety of clinical applications (abdominal, MSK, etc.) that combine sophisticated performance with flexibility and ease of use.

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Efficiency, Innovation, Value

Big ideas make a difference when they generate radical changes in the way products, procedures, and organizations are conceived. EFFICIENCY, the key factor in this vision, increases productivity and lies at the heart of health management optimization. Clearly, the changes brought about by INNOVATIVE solutions increase the VALUE of their success in daily clinical practice.

Diagnosis, detection, treatment, follow-up

Following is our MSK diagnostic tools product offering:

MyLab™ One

MyLab™ One is a revolutionary technology applied to Ultra portable ultrasound systems with a 12” touchscreen. Because it’s light and portable, MyLab™ One can even be used by a single operator, as a fully stand-alone device – without its base – leveraging the unique features of a portable unit.

MyLab™ Five

When you need a compact ultrasound system that’s easy to use, powerful, and equipped with innovative technologies, MyLab™ Five is the answer. Accurate clinical diagnosis, compact size, versatility, modular composition, and efficiency: five reasons to choose MyLab™ Five, which is available in various configurations depending on what you need to do.

All Esaote products

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