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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016


The University of British Columbia
Suite 3500 - 2215 Wesbrook Mall (in front of UBC Hospital) - 3rd floor 


6h30pm to 9h30pm

*Tape included during the workshop


Karyn Fereday

Karyn Fereday



Dynamic Taping, the tribal print tape that appeared on a number of Olympians recently, utilises a specially designed tape that is completely different to kinesiology tapes and methods.

The approach is mechanical utilising the strong 4-way elastic energy of the tape to absorb load and re-inject energy into the kinetic chain to decelerate or assist movement in much the same way as a bungee cord.

It is used to mimic the action of injured musculotendinous units to reduce the load absorption/force generation requirements or to improve biomechanical efficiency and modify movement patterns.

It also exerts powerful sensorimotor and neurophysiological effects and has proven extremely effective for lymphatic taping due to its durability, versatility and comfort.

Workshops are highly practical providing participants with a clear understanding of the mechanical and physiological mechanisms and instruction in numerous techniques that can be used immediately.


Vancouver, 02 November 2016

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