BSN medical was set up as a 50/50 joint venture between Beiersdorf (Hamburg) and Smith & Nephew (London) in April 2001, with the intent of leveraging their complementary geographic locations and their well-established presence in areas such as wound care, casting, fracture management, orthopedic supports, and phlebology. Drawing on its ongoing exchanges with healthcare professionals, BSN medical places its expertise and know-how at their service, and benefits in turn from their practical experience. The company’s areas of expertise are elastic adhesive bandages, casting, wound care, and orthopedic supports.
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BSN medical

BSN medical shares its worldwide experience with you!

BSN medical produces and markets medical devices worldwide. The group holds a leadership position in areas such as casting, fracture management, traditional wound care, and compression therapy.

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Quality commitment

BSN medical is committed to continually improving its performance to ensure optimal, ongoing quality for its clients’ benefit. Since 2003, this process, which meets regulatory requirements, has garnered us ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001 certifications.

BSN medical offers you a number of products, sold under the following trademarks:

  • Actimove®
  • Delta-Cast®
  • Delta Xpress®
  • Gypsona®
  • Hypafix®
  • JOBST®
  • Leukomed®
  • Tensoplast®

Innovation is one of the company’s strengths. BSN medical continually develops new client-dedicated concepts with a single purpose in mind: to make new therapeutic solutions available in order to enable patient-oriented care. Here are some examples of key product characteristics and indications:


Non-woven multi-stretch adhesive bandage with high cutaneous tolerance


  • Retention of wound dressings, especially large ones
  • Ideal for patients with sensitive skin


  • White non-woven multi-stretch support 
  • Air- and steam-permeable: Lets the skin breathe and limits maceration
  • Extremely comfortable for easy attachment in high-mobility areas (joints)
  • Acrylic adhesive mass – high skin tolerance
  • Strong adhesive properties for lasting, reliable application
  • Pain-free removal: ideal for sensitive skin

Leukotape® K

Elastic adhesive tape


  • Neuroproprioceptive technique 
  • Acts on pain sensation
  • Promotes movement
  • Promotes lymph drainage


  • Latex-free
  • Application using Kenzo Kase techniques
  • Wave patterned adhesive coating
  • Stretchable lengthwise
  • Protective paper
  • Cotton substrate
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Sticks directly to painful area: aponeurotic, muscular, ligament, and combined techniques.

Leukotape® P

Rigid adhesive tape

Indication:Sports trauma, in particular for special applications such as the McConnell technique, when patellofemoral pain occurs.


  • Highly adhesive (zinc oxide and rubber)
  • Extremely high resistance to traction
  • Water repellent
  • Easy to unroll
  • 100% rayon flesh-colored substrate


All BSN products

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