Since the beginning, Andover has strived to produce high quality products that fill a need for customers. Andover continues in that tradition today. From its roots as a manufacturer of tape for the Sports Medicine industry in 1976, to its focus today on break-through, innovative products that are filling a gap in the healthcare, animal health and sports medicine industries, Andover Healthcare has been there to produce high quality, made in the USA products that improve the lives of its customers.
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Sports Medicine Products by Andover

A leading manufacturer of bandages and tapes for more than 30 years, Andover supplies the sports medicine market with high quality. Andover offer a wide range of Cohesive bandages, Adhesive bandages, Wound care dressings, Antimicrobial dressings and Moleskin.

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From new PowerFlex® AFD, an all-in-one foam pad dressing and cohesive bandage that helps get players back in the game, to PowerFlex®, a superior cohesive flexible bandage, Andover is committed to new and innovative technology and distributes its patented products around the world.

Also new: Taping Methods Video Textbook providing 35 step-by-step techniques in preventative and post injury taping instruction by Ron O’Neil, a certified athletic trainer for 37 years – 29 of those years with the National Football League (NFL).

First introduced in 1995, PowerFlex® is superior to other cohesive bandages. It eliminates the need for pre-wrap, is sweat and water resistant, yet can be torn easily by hand. Later in 2005 Andover introduced PowerTape to be used in conjunction with PowerFlex®. Together these two products create "The Ultimate Taping System” – the strongest taping system in existence at 63 lbs. tensile strength.

Andover also offers new PowerSpeed, designed for speed taping, and PowerFAST a thin and comfortable flexible adhesive stretch tape. A full line of cotton and cotton/poly blend athletic tapes are also available.

Whether you are looking for ways to help prevent injury or help athletes with post-injury recovery, Andover has the right products for all of your taping needs. Take a look at our complete product listing to find the products that fit your needs.

Andover | Cohesive Bandages

Strong, self-adhering bandages. Replaces prewrap and adhesive spray. Sticks to itself for quick wrapping. Latex or latex free.

  • PowerFlex® - A strong, fabric-based bandage that tears easily by hand and sticks to itself for quick wrapping and longer staying power.
  • PowerTape® - A cohesive athletic tape that sticks only to itself or to PowerFlex® creating the strongest combination taping system in existence.

Andover | Adhesive Bandages

A strong and comfortable stretch tape providing long lasting support

  • PowerFast® - A strong, flexible adhesive stretch tape made of synthetic fabric

Andover mission

To create value for our customers by focusing on break-through thinking and creating products that improve the lives of our customers.

All Andover products

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