ADDA TECH Systems Inc. is a Canadian company headquartered in Laval, Québec. We began as an information technology company that specialized in "ready for market" product applications, consulting services and customized application development. However, in 1999 a life changing event for Max Di Paola aimed ADDA TECH in a different direction. The outcome of this event became what we now know as “Clinicmaster”. ADDA TECH is dedicated to creating high-quality "Practice Management" software solutions that are beneficial and powerful. We employ the latest information technology and focus on providing healthcare professionals and clinic owners with the best tools to ensure quality service for their businesses. ADDA TECH successfully services multi-disciplinary clients from coast to coast across Canada as well as in the UK, USA and Africa.
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Adda Tech

Simple, Flexible, Reliable and Powerful…

Clinicmaster has the important tools to help boost revenues, reduce costs and further streamline business processes! Designed to help you reduce cancellations, increase referrals and greatly improve productivity, Clinicmaster is the best and most comprehensive clinic management software on the market.


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Clinicmaster is a very user-friendly, feature-packed software solution that offers superior performance and reliability. It is specifically designed to handle all of your clinic management needs. Clinicmaster is very customizable and bilingual; allowing users to work in the language of their choice. Users may set other personal preferences for parameters such as language, color, calendar time intervals, over bookings, warnings to be displayed, room view/calendar view, invoicing styles, required fields and so much more!

See Clinicmaster with your own eyes! Give us a call today and ask for your free, no-obligation personal demo and discover that Clinicmaster delivers exactly what you’ve been looking for!
You will be empowered through intuitive analytical tools, statistics and reports that cover every facet of your practice.

Clinicmaster | Standard features

  • Scheduling
  • Direct marketing
  • Financial
  • Document management
  • Security & audit
  • Stats & analysis
  • EMR
  • Automation
  • Client Relationship Management - CMR
  • Forms and More…
  • Business development
  • Reporting
  • Compensation
  • Patient File Management

Clinicmaster | Add-ons

  • Email marketing
  • Text messaging
  • Website & Design
  • Backups
  • Online exercise software
  • Web appointments
  • Cash register
  • Telephony
  • Fax integration
  • Gym membership
  • Automation
  • Client web portal

Clinicmaster | One Complete System

Every large and small clinic owner on the planet needs one. Why not take advantage of this new technology in clinic managing to help you successfully run your business giving you an advantage on all the rest!
We personally guarantee that you will not be disappointed. The Clinicmaster product and support team will outdo your expectations.


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