Contact Physio Québec

Contact Physio Québec

History/Mission Statement

The first meeting organized by Contact Physio, ancestor of the Association Contact Physio Quebec, was held in December 1997. At the time, about 10 physical therapists from different sectors would meet to establish a new communication strategy. The goal was to give the professionals an opportunity to share their knowledge during a distinct training session for 2nd and 3rd level courses. The dinner-conferences were then selected for their education and social purposes.

The first dinner-conference took place in February 1999. Ms. Johanne Tardif, physical therapist, and Dr. Richard Lirette were the masters of ceremony for the occasion. A record attendance of 100 people participated in the conference. Against all odds, the organizing committee was forced to refuse attendees due to insufficient space.

Even though it was a success, Contact Physio’s existence was brief. In December 2000, the company Oris Medical, which was the major sponsor at the time, went bankrupt. This event forced a reorganization. From this reorganization was born the Association Contact Physio Quebec in January 2001. Since then, each event is made possible because of Atlas Medic’s collaboration.

Ever since, the committee keeps physical therapists, rehabilitation therapists and sports therapists informed on subjects directly related to physical therapy, and this is done in a casual and enjoyable environment. An average of four dinner-conferences are planned each year by the committee, between September and May, in addition to sporadic trainings. This brings together professionals in the Quebec region and area so they can share a good meal while discussing different matters, sharing their experiences and further their knowledge.


For more information regarding our dinner-conferences, please contact Ms. Annick Letourneau at (418) 686-4497 or toll free at 1-866-404-4497. Fill up the registration form and make your check payable to Association Contact Physio and mail your check to the following address:

Atlas Medic
2327, Boulevard du Versant Nord, Suite 105
Quebec, Quebec, G1N 4C2

*Please note that we must receive the checks one week prior to the conference date. A minimum of eight people is required in order to reserve a table. Please only send one check that covers all charges. We thank you for your understanding.


  • Catherine Van Neste, Chairwoman - CHA Pavillon Enfant-Jesus
  • Fanny Jette, Treasurer - IRDPQ (CIRRIS)
  • Simon Robitaille, Secretary - Physio Interactive
  • Michele Giguere, CHUQ Pavillon CHUL
  • Jean-Sebastien Roy, CIRRIS
  • Pierre Langevin, Physio Interactive
  • Gilles Courchesne, PCN Physiotherapy
  • Annie Plamondon, CSSS Paul Gilbert
  • Yvan Laflamme, Atlas Medic
  • Côme Bouchard, Atlas Medic


Please visit our events section to get all the details of the next conference dinners.


Please refer to our documents section to obtain all complementary documents related to dinner conferences.