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We are aiming at becoming a leader in the distribution of medical equipment and supplies. In order to build long-lasting relationships that would be beneficial for both our partners and our customers, we commit ourselves to provide innovative solutions and high-end services. Our team is the key to our success.


Being There for Our Customers. We are aware that each organization and individual has its own requirements and expectations. This is why we make it our duty to target our customers’ needs by asking the right questions. Thus, we can get a global view of the company’s culture, business prospects, success requirements, problems and risks.


We always act in our customers’ best interests. We also make sure that the products, methodologies and personnel meet not only our customers’ requirements, but also the needs of the organization or company they represent.


In order to maintain our top quality and comply with Health Canada standards, requirements and certifications, we must continuously control the quality of our products and services.


We ensure our customers’ success by offering them the best elements ever.


QuebecAtlas Medic’s corporate headquarters are strategically located in Quebec City, a city with a good quality of life that provides our team members with an exceptional environment and sense of security. Quebec is the largest French-speaking city in North America; its residents are proud, and radiate an energy and creativity that most likely stem from their unique Latin roots. Naturally, most of our staff is bilingual and can work in both of Canada’s offi cial languages. This linguistic advantage allows us to serve all of North America.

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