About us

Our vision

In vertical market, our vision is to be the most efficient and valued Canadian business in distribution of medical supplies and equipment, in professional training as well as technical services.

Our mission

Create corporate values by:

  • Investing in our business network (clients, suppliers, partners, educators and associations)
  • Respecting procedures and policies 
  • Collaborating with our peers 
  • Being, at all times, a solutions agent
  • Initiating major projects
  • Having authentic relationships that meet the company's values 
  • Leaning actions towards the contribution to sales
  • Being conscientious about for corporate efficiency

Provide our clients with:

  • Selected and distinctive products
  • Highly relevant and up to date professional trainings 
  • Mobile and versatile technical support 
  • Advice from a competent team working in synergy

Our values


Committing to communicate in a transparent, genuine and respectful manner with our employees, peers and our business network. The communication includes listening, sharing and honesty.


Having the power to take action, be in proactive mode and refuse to let oneself get too comfortable. This also means being continually active in the search for solutions.


Establish and maintain constructive and harmonious relationships. Promote collaboration in a spirit of respect and efficiency.


QuebecAtlas Medic’s corporate headquarters are strategically located in Quebec City, a city with a good quality of life that provides our team members with an exceptional environment and sense of security. Quebec is the largest French-speaking city in North America; its residents are proud, and radiate an energy and creativity that most likely stem from their unique Latin roots. Naturally, most of our staff is bilingual and can work in both of Canada’s offi cial languages. This linguistic advantage allows us to serve all of North America.

Atlas Medic can organize training in your region or within your organization.


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Our trainers

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